Sunday, February 04, 2007

Guess Which Lame Celebrity Visited St. Kitts?

During orientation week, we had to hang out at the airport and pick up new students as they arrived. Well, while we were waiting for the next flight to arrive, a bunch of really expensive Louis Vuitton baggage was rolled from the customs area and out to where we were standing. And who comes sauntering out behind it? Freakin' Dr. Phil. Why can't a cool celebrity show up here...why does it have to be HIM? Anyway, he came here with his wife (who sometimes guest hosts with him on his show), his two sons, and his older son's wife (Erica, who is one of the Dahm triplets). Don't know who the Dahm triplets are? Click HERE. (Here is a hint...they were in Playboy. And don't ask me which one is her, I have no idea)

Below is the picture of Dr. Phil that one of the new students took. (I, for once, actually didn't have my camera with me). Sorry, no photos of Erica guys. :-)

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Marlin & Judi said...

pass the paint thinner :)

Marlin & Judi said...

Julia - I really wish you would have told him that your boyfriend was show material for him:)