Sunday, January 04, 2009

We are famous!....well, kind of....not really

Before Cory finished up at Ross and moved back to the US, we went out to enjoy one last dinner together on the island. Cory chose Ciao, as it is one of our favorites, and we hadn't been there in awhile.

We sat down at our table and had just begun looking at the menus when we were approached by another customer in the restaurant...he had been sitting at a table with three other people just across from us. As he approached, I wondered if one of us maybe had something stuck to our shoe, and he was being nice and letting us know. I wondered what other reason he would be coming over to our table, but I never expected the real reason...................

He recognized us from our blog!!!! How cool is that? He and his wife had been here once before, and they were back for their friends' wedding at the Marriott. So in searching online for new things to do this time around, they found Krista's Rockstar blog, which eventually led them to ours.

Of course, you know I just had to take a picture with them....I was too excited not to!

So, this is a shout out to Rich, Lori, Amy and Chuck. Thanks for making us feel famous, even if just for a moment!

And Lori & Rich, congratulations on your wedding! We hope it was beautiful!


Chuck said...

Hello Julia and Cory

The wedding was perfect, and we had a blast our entire week.

Thanks for making us a feature story...and nice photo too! A fine looking group of senior citizens!

Chuck & Amy

Rick said...

Dang, I wish I had known abou you guys sooner. I am with a video production company that was filming at IOUN and UMHS in September. You could have given me the scoop about where to go for fun. You probably have seen our other videos for Ross. We did the promotional videos for the Vet School, the Medical School in Dominica and the ones on St. Kitts. Anyway, Warren Ross says we may be back in a couple of months. I'll definitely contact you before we show up.

Anonymous said...

hey, i will be going to saint kitts this fall for medschool at windsor.. i am kinda nervous.. i have many questions and cant find the answer.. this blog has been the most help but i would really appreciate if i could speak to you guys personally.. via email or aim or facebook.. you can contact me thru my email:

tbank you much.. this will glady be appricated!

Johan said...

Hello from Holland!

Anonymous said...

Dear Julia and Cory, as me and my wife is towarding to visit St.Kitts & Nevis, I am browsing internet, how to get most during five days visit. I believe I saw a picture from the cotton factury at your blog. Today, before asking you where it was, I checked your blog once again. I haven't managed to find it :(. Was it on your blog??? Can we talk a bit more about your experience in St.Kitts&Nevis by e-mail: Have a good day. Lauras

Stasha said...


I am applying to St. Kitts to start in Sept 2010. I have been reading your blog: Life on St. Kitts (thank you sooo much by the way), and just had a few questions. Well, first, the one of the bigger issues with me applying is that they require students to live in on-campus residence their first semester. Did they have this requirement when Cory started? It sort of poses a challenge to my fiancee, cat and dog. If they did have it, how did you and Cory "get around it" to live in your own apartment with pets? Also, if you don't mind my asking, how much is rent/groceries/purchasing a car/gas, etc? I understand that the price of living is significantly higher on St. Kitts than in the States. Thanks so much for your blog - it has really helped me! And any info you can give is greatly appreciated!

Nastasha Tucker

Anonymous said...

Hello there ... hopefully you are still checking comments on this blog. I stumbled across your blog when I was googling for information of life on St. Kitts and I absolutely love it =) I am interested in applying to Ross for admission in January 2011. I have no doubt that Ross provides an excellent veterinary program but I am a bit concern about safety and living condition. I'd very much appreciate it if you can provide with me some inside scoop on how is it like to live on St. Kitts and the veterinary program in general. Please e-mail me at if you get a chance!

Thanks a ton!!

kittitian said...

Nice blog! You're pictures of Dominica were gorgeous. How did you feel Dominica's school compared to the school in St. Kitts?