Wednesday, January 17, 2007

St. Kitts Carnival 2006-2007

Cory and I thought J'ouvert was mainly what Carnival was about on St. Kitts, but we were wrong.... it was just the beginning of the partying! This parade took place on New Year's Day, and went right through downtown. It was awesome...quite different from J'ouvert. When we were in the troupe for J'ouvert, everyone basically wore the same t-shirt, bandana and mask. We were a bit unorganized, just loosely following the moving stage of speakers as one large crowd. (Our J'ouvert troupe alone had 600 participants!!) For the New Year's Day parade, there are less participants, they are more organized, and they are all wearing more elaborate costumes. It was fun to watch and as we stood there, I came to one conclusion.....I want to wear a cool costume too!!!! So I am going to join a parade group next year instead of a J'ouvert troupe. Then I get to have cool feathers on my head too! :-)

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And of course, some video to enjoy as well. But be forewarned....Kittitians celebrating Carnival like their music as loud as possible.

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