Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Brimstone Hill Fortress

One of the main attractions here on St. Kitts is the Brimstone Hill Fortress. I pretty much guarantee that anyone who comes to visit us here will end up touring Brimstone Fortress with us. It is such a cool place, and has such amazing views of the island, it would be a shame for you to visit and not see it!
As you drive on the main road of the island, you have to keep your eyes peeled for the sign showing you the way to the Fortress. We drove right past it the first time we went. As you turn onto the road, it begins to get more and more narrow until there is only space for one car at a time. A canopy of trees hang over the road, making it seems as if you are driving through a tunnel. If it is not too cloudy, the rays of sun filter through the trees, and it makes for a very pretty scene. Since there is only room for one car, and there are lots of blind corners as you drive up the mountain, there is an occasional sign that simply says "horn". When you see that, start honking your horn! That way, if a car is on the way down, you don't run into each other! It is a little scary when you do come across another car, only because you have to carefully squeeze past each other. But once you reach the top, it is all worth it. The buildings, the history, the views...all amazing.

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