Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Few Nice Beaches

As you would have guessed, St. Kitts has its share of beaches. You know, being an island and all, they tend to have them most of the time. Depending on the beach you visit here, you could be surrounded by lots of tourists, surrounded by mostly locals, or you could be the only one on the entire beach.

Of course, the beach in front of the giant Marriott Resort tends to have lots of tourists, but it is currently the off-season for traveling here, so we have not seen it at its worst yet. This beach is located at the skinniest section of the island, in North Frigate Bay on the Atlantic side.

Another popular spot with tourists is Turtle Beach. It is located at the southeast end of the island where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet. The water is crystal clear, relatively calm, and feels just like bath water. At this end of the island, you are very close to the neighboring island of close it looks like it could be an easy swim, when it is actually 2 miles away. You can see Nevis in the picture below, it is on the left side in the distance.

Turtle Beach is also home to monkeys that steal your drink, and a giant pig named Wilbert. We missed the monkeys last time we went there in the afternoon...apparently they prefer to steal drinks earlier in the day. You know, they start kind of early. Anyway, apparently they will come right up to your table and steal your drink if you aren't paying attention. I hope to go there again soon, earlier this time, and witness this event in person.
Something we did witness when we were at Turtle Beach was Wilbert the giant pig.

He hangs out at the beach all day, laying in the sun and resting in the mud.....until he gets hungry.... (Cue "Jaws" theme song...duh duh, duh duh, duh duh duh duh duh). This giant pig, for some random reason, really loves ketchup, and will do anything to find some. While we were standing there watching him, he proceeded to plow right through some random guy sitting there. He practically knocked the guy down, and started rooting through his stuff looking for food. The guy kept trying to move stuff, grab things he didn't want to get trampled, etc....but it was no use. There is no stopping this pig! Cory was laughing so hard the entire time, I'm surprised he was able to snap these pictures!

Other than the tipsy, kleptomaniac monkeys and the giant, ketchup loving pig, the beach really is a nice place to visit. There is a nice outdoor restaurant and bar, a sand volleyball court....and some amazing views:

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