Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Okay, Now I'm Really Annoyed

So this morning around 6:45 I was driving home from the gym again, and there was ANOTHER police stop on the road before Ross. So I slow down to a stop and give the officer my drivers license, happy that I have my registration sticker up against the windshield this time (see "Ticket" post from last Friday for the back-story).

She hands my license back and asks me to roll up my window a bit. Confused, not thinking I heard her correctly, I ask her to repeat what she said. She says "roll up your window". So I roll it up about 4 inches, and she has me stop. She says, "pull over on the side of the road and remove all of the tint from every window on your car". What the heck? I'm all sweaty from the gym, and in a hurry to get home and shower so I can get to work, and now this.

When we bought our car, it came with tinted windows, and in all of the police road stops we have been through, they have never mentioned anything about the tint being too dark. Everyone and their mother has dark tinted windows on this island.

So I had to pull over and slowly peel the tint off of each window. As I was doing this, I was watching her stop each new car that approached, and while she had a few others pull over to do the same, she let most people go through, even people who had way darker window tinting than me!! That was what really upset me the most during the whole situation. If you are stopping people for a certain reason, why let most of them go? Knowing the St. Kitts police, they were probably letting all of their friends and relatives go by with no issue. But as soon as they see a potential Ross student...pull her over!

As you can tell, I am still quite annoyed!

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Marlin & Judi said...

Maddening. This would really piss me off. What would happen if you said screw it and drove off ? ( I am not recommending it, I just wonder what they would do )