Tuesday, June 12, 2007

St. Kitts Movie Theater Experience

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Well, we decided to pay the St. Kitts movie theater another visit, since our first experience wasn't as bad as everyone had said it would be...we actually found the experience pretty fun when we went there last to see Jackass 2 (that is when I took the picture above). So last night, Scott, Brad, Cory and I went to see Spiderman 3.

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There were a lot of other Ross students there as well, included Brooke, Renee and Eric who were sitting behind us. We got there right as the movie was about to begin at 8pm.

Here are Cory and Scott, blinded by my flash
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And Renee and Brooke behind us...
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Suddenly the lights dim and the movie comes on....except that the images are upside down. So the lights come back on, and we wait about 15 minutes while they try to fix the movie reel. After awhile, the lights shut off again, and we are ready for it to start. This time, the movie is not only upside down, but they are speaking in Spanish! Lights back on, more waiting. Another 10-15 minutes go by, and we are still waiting....so I decide to take a quick video. Here is Brooke describing what is going on:

Finally, the image is fixed and nothing is upside down....but wait....this doesn't look like the beginning of the movie...?? Turns out they have loaded the second half of the movie first, and have decided that they will just let it play. When we aren't understanding what is going on in the movie, and are realizing this is obviously not the beginning, some people start complaining to the theater. I think if we hadn't said anything, they would have just let it play that way and we would only have seen half of the movie!!

So the lights come back on, yet again, and not long afterwards, they finally get it right when the lights shut off and we see a preview for the new movie "Surfs up". The preview is in Spanish, but we don't care. At least we know the beginning of the movie is next. If you want to see part of the Surfs up preview in Spanish, watch the short clip below...it was pretty funny:

But don't worry, there were no more problems with Spiderman 3, and it was in English this time (with Spanish sub-titles).


Marlin & Judi said...

oh my gosh, is this vintage ST Kitts or what ? Too funny. It would be interesting to see how the first semester students handle these frustrations vs. the more experienced students that have become used to it.

Marlin & Judi said...

What did you expect????