Sunday, June 03, 2007

Work Dinner at Marshall's

After the craziness of orientation and the opening of the new Campus Living Residences at Ross had settled down a bit, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Fox, took Keith, Treg and I to dinner at Marshall's to say thank you for all of our hard work. Marshall's is a really fancy place in Frigate Bay that has the best food. I had the filet with mashed potatoes, and espresso khalua cake for dessert!

This place is amazing. It is on a hillside overlooking the Caribbean...
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...and has a huge pool in the middle of the restaurant (Treg decided he wanted to be in this picture)
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Marlin and Judi, I think of you guys every time I go to Marshall's now, because I know it is a place you would just love! We'll put it on your list for your next visit!

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Marlin & Judi said...

I am going to start the restaurant list for our next visit. Here is the beginning...

The great dessert place next to OTI
The Golden Lemon
The Chicken lady at least 3 times

How am I doing so far??