Friday, June 01, 2007


Well, I got my first ticket on St. Kitts this morning. (and hopefully my only one)!

Our car registration was expiring on May 31st, so Cory went 2 weeks ahead of time to get our car inspection done and registration payment turned in. He got the new sticker, but we have been putting off sticking it on our car because we wanted to get the older stickers off first.

Well, this morning at 6:45 when I was driving home from the gym, I was caught in a traffic stop. When I realized that today was June 1st and I didn't have the sticker on the car, I was so upset with myself. Why didn't we just stick it on there 2 weeks ago when we got it?!?! So the lady wrote me the ticket for $100 EC ($40 US) for "failure to display sticker", and I drove home all pissed.

I get home and tell Cory I just got a ticket. And guess what he says.....the sticker is in the car, above the driver's seat tucked into the flap on the sun shade!!!

I had the sticker with me the entire time and never knew it! Ugghhh!

Oh well, I guess I have learned my lesson!

I was going to take a picture with my ticket, but I forgot. So here is all I could receipt for paying my ticket!
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