Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The St. Kitts Reef Ecology Watch Group

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There is a great group down here on St. Kitts called the St. Kitts Reef Ecology Watch Group. It was started by the spouse of one of the Ross professors, and is dedicated to keeping the waters and beaches of St. Kitts clean. Here is their mission:

1)To clean the reefs and beaches on the island.
2)To educate people about marine ecosystems.
3)To collect data for the island's new marine ecosystem database as well as
4)To have fun every time we get together, building community through volunteerism and service.

Check out their blog:


Daren said...

That's a great thing that they're doing. It seems a difficult thing to start doing in a place where the culture does not look at pollution as a bad thing.

I remember being in Nicaragua and everyone would throw their trash out the window of the bus. It made me so mad. I talked to a man about it and he told me about how ingrained it is in their culture that you couldn't just tell them to stop.

Anyhow hope it goes well and I hope you two are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Daren please, if you knew where St. KITTS was, you would not be comparing it with Nicaragua. St Kitts is one of the cleanest Caribbean island , who takes pride in ensuring their environment ( land and sea ) are clean. And our culture are very much aware of polution and most definitely look at it as a bad thing.

Thanks much